Data Recovery Console Tool


When you use the “Data Recovery Console - SD card data” Tool where is the “Recover from desktop” pulling data from?

I have an android tablet that should have data on it and “Use SD card for backup” is enabled. When I use “Recover from PDA” it says it cannot connect but when I use “Recover from desktop” it recovers a bunch of files, but these data entries are not only from this tablet.

So, I’m wondering where is it recovering these files from and if there is a way to pull from this particular tablet.


Hi Sharna,

We do not really use the SD backup feature much these days. It used to be more important when the devices sometimes reset if their batteries failed, but that does not happen these days.

Similarly, recovering data from the SD card using the data recovery console was from the days when SD cards would show up as a separate drive.


Hi Justin,

Ok thanks. I guess I’m wondering where it is pulling data from when you use the “Recover from Desktop” tool. Because it came up a bunch of records that I thought had been downloaded into the database but some of them seem to have been missed. Nothing showed up in Orphans or Staging…

I just want to make sure there isn’t data slipping through the cracks…or if it is, where is it going? if that makes sense.



It has been a while, but I believe it scans all the drives and looks for CyberTracker data off the root folder.