Data download always fails : nothing happens

We have been using CT for several years for birds monitoring and it is a really great (free !) toolkit. Nevertheless we never felt very confortable with the data transfer process, on which we have few control and few information when it fails. We sometimes get “orphan” files, but we have learnt to import them as CTX files.
But today we face to a new problem that we do not manage to solve : We have data on the android device, we connect this smartphone (it is detected by the computer), we open the corresponding Cybertracker database file, we click the “Download data” button and… nothing happens. The bottom status bar very shorly displays “downloading data”, but nothing is inserted into the database. There are not “lost” files in the recovery tools. The data is still present on the mobile device application. It is never transferred to the computer.

This problem occurs on a specific application/database, not on others CT applications we have on the same smartphone. But we have been using it for a long time and we did not change anything on it, neither on smartphone side nor on destopside.

Anyone knows what we could do ? Is there a way to manually copy and process the files that are stored on the smarphone (.CTS and .STA files) to import them into the database ?



Hi Nicolas,

Some things to try if the connection is not being made:

  1. Reboot
  2. Check if you can see the “cybertracker” folder on the device in Windows Explorer
  3. Ensure the device is configured for file transfer

The data files have extensions .DAT and .WAY. If you do not see those files on the device, then there is no data there – it should be on the desktop already. In that case, check the data recovery console off Tools.

If the device is behaving badly, but others are working, you can copy the “cybertracker” folder from one device to another and then synchronize that device.



Hi Justin,

We have had the same issue on a couple of Samsung J2 phones. The only way we could solve the problem was to recover the backup files from the device.

Graeme Tonkin
National Malleefowl Reccovery Team

Thanks for your replies.
There is no problem of connection or transfer mode between the smartphone and the computer, as I manage to download data of another cybertrack application/database with the same devices.
I tried to reboot disconnect/reconnect the device several time with no success on this specific application.

I found the .DAT file corresponding to my application but I noticed it was in a subdirectory called /InternalStorage/sdcard/cybertracker/
Actually, it seems that some cybertracker datafiles are in /internalStorage/cybertracker/ and some others (sometime with the same name) are in that “sdcard” subdirectory.

This is very strange because I confirm that there is no physical SD card in this smartphone. This is just a directory name.

Is it a normal situation or can this be the cause of the transfer failure ?