Cybertracker track issue with saving GPS locations

Hi everyone, I am having trouble with getting the GPS function to save a fix at the desired time interval.
On the GPS screen (where I can select saving a GPS fix at various intervals) I select the 1 minute interval. This is then confirmed by the triangle at the bottom of the screen showing ‘1m’. However when I download the data, the Map displays a track with GPS fixes at 1 second intervals, and the saved track similarly saves them at 1s intervals.
How can I revert this to save GPS fixes at 1m intervals (or at whatever interval I specify in the GPS screen)?
FYI, this has never been an issue before - over the last 5 years this function has worked fine!
Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks so much!!
Marta Guerra from New Zealand

Hi Marta,

Which version are you using? iOS or Android?
Could you please send me a CTX of your database (without data)?


Hi Justin
Thank you for your quick reply. I’m using Android, and the CyberTracker version on the tablet is 1.0.416 (downloaded from the App Play store just yesterday), and on my computer is v3.520. Attached is the database CTX file.

AHAB 220707.CTX (325 KB)

Hi Marta,

Could you please try build 418 in the Google Play Store? No need to upgrade your desktop.



Hi Justin,

I am having a similar issue where the track timer is set to 60sec (both in the GPS tab under edit application and in the GPS configure) but I get a GPS reading every 1sec in the data.
My Cybertracker desktop version is 3.517 and 1.0.389 on an android phone

Thank you for your help!

Hi Liran,

Fix is confirmed, so you just need to upgrade. You will need to upgrade the desktop version as well.


Thank you Justin!