CyberTracker Online updates released - import list items, per project stats, timestamps, various items

Hi all

We have released a number of updates to CyberTracker Online:

  • Import list items from CSV
  • Per project stats on the Dashboard (at the bottom)
  • Some tweaks to the Publish page around Mobile app link and QR code, and a new function called “Email link” which pops up your mail client with a pre-populated email containing the mobile app link and instructions, that you can email to your data collectors
  • Visibility section for screens now informs you when a screen is only visible if you are in a particular branch.
  • Extra columns added to the View data table and CSV around timestamps, for example the local capture time (time where/when the observation was captured), the time offset (eg. +02:00), and the UTC times. See also this post: Users please give input - timestamps (and timezones)

Enjoy, and send any feedback or questions as required.

Kind regards, Kate

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Thanks Kate. I would like to use the Import list items from CSV. I have species lists for different classes of animals to import. Some will be relatively short, others longer. I tried a test with 3 species:
Shortfin Eel: Anguilla australis
Longfin Eel: Anguilla reinhardtii
Eel (1 species): Anguilla sp.
I saved this list as a CSV file. When I try and import the list I get the following error message:

No list items imported. Please correct the following errors:

  • The file is invalid.

Can you help.


Peter M

Hi Peter

At the top of the import list item screen is an option to download a template. Did you use that template, ie it has the correct column name, just replace the three suggested items with yours and resave as CSV.

Alternatively could you email your file to me on so I can take a look and advise?

Kind regards, Kate

Hi Kate. Thanks for your prompt reply. Just looking at your vid on the simulatoir.

I saw the Download Template, but did not know what it was there for. Give me a minute and I’ll check it out.

Peter M

All good now thanks Kate. Just had to add a column “Label”

Peter M