CyberTracker Online updates released - app checklist and view data filters

Hi all

We have released some updates to CyberTracker Online over the last week which include:

  • Additions to the app checklist, more guidance if you are missing something in your app that is required on the mobile, or have done something that would break on the mobile.
  • QR codes - include Project name and version number in image.
  • View data filters: change the default when filtering with two different screens to be an AND clause instead of an OR clause (show me all records where Which Seabird = Gull AND Behaviour = Swimming, instead of all records where it is a Gull OR it is Swimming), with the ability for you to switch between using AND or OR in the View Data settings
  • View data filters: fix bug where if you had set personal View Data settings, filters were not being applied correctly
  • Additional information on the Delete confirmation screens for Projects, Branches and Screens to warn you if for example you are deleting a project that has observations, or branches that have screens, etc.

Main difference you might experience is that you may previously have been able to publish an app that now does not “pass” the app checklist rules. This is a good thing - your app would probably have not worked correctly on the mobile and you will now have guidance on how to fix it.

Kind regards, Kate