CyberTracker online: planned features

Thanks for running this platform!

It would be helpfully (and spare time for the team) if there is a list of upcoming features and functions and approximately release time of CyberTracker online.

Cheers and Thanks
Holger, Germany

Hi Holger

I definitely understand your request, which makes sense, but it is a little difficult to answer, because further development is dependent on funding, and priorities may change depending on the needs of users, learnings as the new software begins to be used, priorities of potential funders, and Louis’ vision.

In general at the moment we believe that the building applications side of things is pretty functional, and now we are focusing more effort on what you can do with the data that you have collected.

For now these are some of the identified priorities:

  • Strengthening the Application Checklist (“rules” for what you need to have to make a working app) to make sure that people don’t create “impossible” apps that can’t work on the mobile
  • Timestamps: work on how we display/export timestamps (local capture time vs. UTC vs. local browser time of user viewing data)
  • Delete test data
  • Query data: ensuring that data queries are working correctly, and optimised for large data sets (time for dots to load on map and so on)
  • Export data: add more export formats, such as json and shape file
  • Timer tracks: display as lines. List of timer tracks, length of track (km), etc.
  • Photo/audio files: Bulk downloads

I will also ask Louis to write down some of his vision for the future and add it when received.

Kind regards, Kate

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