Cybertracker Online - Field Map Feature


Another feature that I think would be beneficial is a map template such as the one in Cybertracker Classic (Think its referred as the field map). Being able to upload your own map files (ECW, Shapefiles). The ability to plot points manually (Flag drop mode) on the field map for manual specification of GPS points. Other features such as go to points, display entered observations/sightings/historic points.


Thanks Ruan.

In CyberTracker Mobile you can add offline maps, where if you go to the map screen on the mobile you would see your map. This is still possible with apps built in CyberTracker Online.

But I think you mean that in CyberTracker Online, when you view your data that has come back from all mobiles, that instead of seeing the default Google maps control, you would see your map?

I will brush up on what Justin does around this in CyberTracker Classic.

Just to give you an idea, this is probably further down on the priority list than for example your import list items.

Kind regards, Kate

Hi Ruan,

Here is the guide to adding your own offline maps: Offline maps | CyberTracker Wiki.

Are you able to create your own MBTiles/ESRI-format map. The ability to do that in CyberTracker Online is what Kate is referring to.

Could you share more about the requirement to plot points manually?