CyberTracker online: Delete and edit sightings in "View Data" table

It would be helpfully if the user can edit and delete sightings in the table (like in CyberTracker classic).
Holger, Germany

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Hi Holger, thanks for this.

Delete is definately on the roadmap, I can see a use case easily for deleting data, such as test data.

Edit data I am a little unsure about. My instinct (as someone who loves data), is that data should be retained as it was submitted. If a data collector made a certain observation, and the researcher edits it, what happens to the integrity of the data?

Perhaps you can tell me a little more about how you use this function or why so I can understand better.

Kind regards, Kate

Edit data is important.
1st use case: The finder has done a mistake, see that and want to correct this. Correction directly on the Device is not possible (in CT online, I guess … in CT Classic it was not so easy to handle). So, correction is only possible in “View Data”. Otherwise finder has to delete the whole sighting becaus of little mistake. Thats sad.
2nd use case: Finder collect some data and make a choice about species (e.g. tracking animals). But evaluator want to discuss with the finder, that the data are correct, but only the species assignment is wrong. How to deal with this without possibility to change? From my point of view it will be very essential, that an evaluation process can be run, and some expert can agree or not. Otherwise, the database is full of wrong data. At the end nobody can use, because some findings are right, some are wrong. By the way: there are so many apps on the market to make sightings about animals and plants with less possibilities to end check and correct. I’ve tryed some over the years. As I “found” a Giraffe in my garden here in Germany and nobody was wondering about, I see that the complete database is not useable, because all the infos can be wrong.
Please ask me if something is not clear for you. I have some years work of monitoring animals and some ideas about it. But also: I do not know all the possible use cases. May be most of them work without any additional change of data.

I second the delete and edit function for test data

Peter M

Noted, thanks Peter :slight_smile:

I second the delete and edit function for test data

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