Cybertracker icon use

Hello CyberTracker support. I am a co-founder of WildTrack - we research and implement non-invasive technologies for monitoring and protecting endangered species. We met Louis some years ago at a workshop and are huge fans of his work, and Cybertracker in particular. Many of our WildTrack Specialist Group members use it. I’m posting to ask a question. We are in the process of developing a dedicated small app to collect animal footprint images for analysis on our WildTrack AI cloud and using morphometrics. We would like to use some of the icons developed by CyberTracker so that we try and keep iconography consistent over the tracking community. From what I can see CyberTracker is open source and freeware, but I wanted to check with you first to make sure this is OK. We will not be using the app for commercial purposes. Thank you for your help.

I’m not sure, which icons you meant exactly. So it is hard to find out who is the creator.
I’m writing applications since many years and at the begin there was (somewhere?) a zip-file with lots of Icons inside for common use.
Additional I asked Louis, Justin and Jon if I could use special Icons for tracking applications. And I could. My way to deal with it is to have some credits inside every application for the long time work of these guys and a clear documentation of sources if I use something.

It is not a clear advice for you but may be an idea?

Good luck
Holger, Germany

Hi Holger,

I uploaded the icons used by SMART in PNG format:
Icons - CyberTracker Wiki

They can be used without accreditation.


Thats great, Justin. Thanks!