CyberTracker has stopped


Please assist, i have been using cybertracker for some years now and suddenly recently i cannot open the app on most of my gadgets (android phones) getting a message (Cyber-tracker has stopped, open app again) but still doesn’t open after re-trying. The gadgets have data i have not downloaded. Please assist to fix this hopefully without loosing the data.

Also i downloaded a newer version 3.516 on my PC while the gadgets are still on older version 3.490 and the gadgets cannot take the version i have on the PC, when i re-dowload the older version on the PC then it rejects the newer databases.

Hi Thembaka,

Could you please try using the CyberTracker that is on the Google Play Store?

If that does the same thing, then please send me a bug report from the device – this feature is available at the bottom of the “Settings” screen.



Have same issue with older Android device: Android 5
Cheers Holger

I just installed Cybertracker on a Samsung A tablet (Android 5.1.1) but the following error message appears when I want to open the application: “CyberTracker has stopped”. Unable to open the app. I have however deleted the folders and files related to the old version installed on the device but that does not change anything.

Would you have an idea of the problem?

Thank you for returns

Hi Joseph,

I think 5.1.1 is a bit too old. If you are looking for a version of CyberTracker which runs on older devices, check the Legacy Downloads section here: