Cybertracker database on CD-ROM


I have a Cybertracker database on a CD-ROM that I acquired from a consultant in 2014. We are trying to make the switch from using Cybertracker on a Windows device to a iOS device. I downloaded Cybertracker to my iPad, but I am unsure of how to get the database into Cybertracker as I do not have a weblink for it. Is this something the database developer needs to provide me?

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Hi Andrea,

iOS support requires the use of WebUpdate (to get your app onto the phone) and one of the transfer protocols to send data to a server, e.g. FTP or ESRI.

If you want use it via a USB connection to your PC, then yes, you will need Android.



Can you advise on a Cybertracker database that does not have the “Database Properties” option available in the file menu? I watched the WebUpdate video but do not have the ability to access the properties in order to complete the instructions.

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I guess you need a password for Login. Could it be that you habe a password saved database?
Cheers Holger

That did it, thank you!