CyberTracker / ArcGIS Online Workflow tutorial?

Good day all

I am trying to connect my Cybertracker database to my Esri ArcGIS online dataset without success. I think this is due to user error. The tutorial video for this on the Cybertracker website is no longer available so I have been trying to figure it out from scratch myself. Does anyone know of a good tutorial on how to set this workflow up so that I can double check my steps?


Buen día lograste solucionarlo
Saludos, Alejandra

Hola Chenay,

El video me funciona:
Videos | CyberTracker Wiki

Estamos trabajando en un nuevo sistema que se basa en Survey123. ¿Te interesaría probar eso?



Sí, me interesaría conocer las pruebas con Surve123.


Hi Alejandra,

I have a short tutorial for Survey123 which might help you get started:

Using Survey123 tracks | CyberTracker Wiki

This one is about around creating location tracks on Survey123 forms, but it should give you an idea of how it works.