CyberTracker app changes

Over the last few days I have noticed a couple of changes in the way that the CyberTracker app on Android behaves. I also saw that the version of the app on the Google Play Store was updated recently, may be related.

  1. the URLs I use to install projects in the app no longer work, I get “File not found” error message. I use a URL shortener which allows use of “https” in the URL even though our web server does not have an SSL certificate. This used to work OK, and I can still open the DEF file using the https URL in a browser. The projects install OK if I use http with the shortened URL, however this is not a viable solution for the many users that already installed using “https”, and the issue means that the projects are not being updated to the latest version on these devices.

  2. When I enter data on a text screen the last word is not included after I press Ok, unless I type in a space or use the return key at the end. For example if I type in “a b c” then press Ok I just get “a b” showing on the screen, but if I type in "a b c " (with a space at the end) it works OK. Also if I open the Text Editor again the cursor goes to the beginning of the text rather than to the end as previously.

Hi Ross,

These issues are fixed in build 355, which should be live sometime later tonight or tomorrow.



Thanks Justin, I have the new version and can confirm that it is working.