CT 3.528/ 1.0.441: Webupdate working but than

I have deleted a project, , published it for WebUpdate, transferred it to my server and give the shorten URL into CyberTracker-App on Device. Installation is working and project is running.
But, after closing I see my projects in the list on smartphone and the same project shows the arrow-circle for further update again and again. If I pushe the button, the process is running, but without any update and with error message “not supported”.


It can be a bit tricky to get WebUpdate working smoothly, because you have to keep two files in sync – the DEF and the ZIP. The DEF must always point to the ZIP. Usually it goes wrong when the ZIP moves, but the DEF has not been updated. Of course, if your users already have the DEF, then things get further confused.



Ahh ok, I’ve deleted the project, transferred both (zip and def) again, installed again and the effect is gone. Many thanks, it works now.