Creating field maps for use in CyberTracker online

One of the fantastic features of Cybertracker Classic is the field map function. I have used this function in at least 30 CT applications to create maps which included spatial layers such as: boundaries of protected areas; transects, monitoring sites and track sections; historical fire extent and severity maps; species habitat suitability maps, plant community maps; high resolution maps of roads, rivers and other features which do not appear on base maps. These maps have been absolutely critical for the monitoring programs using the CyberTracker applications.

This feature does not exist in CyberTracker online. Is it possible to achieve the same result using the map feature in CyberTracker Mobile? Pehaps using the offline layers function? I tried to do this but i could not work out what was meant by “map package”?

Has anyone else woked this out or have suggestions about how to create field maps for use in CyberTracker online?
Kind Regards
Eren Turak

Hi Eren,

Map Packages are described here: Offline maps | CyberTracker Wiki.

It is just a ZIP file with a bunch of layers in it. If you add a layers.json file, you can also specify the order and opacity of each layer.

You can also create your own mbtiles basemap here: HOT Export Tool (


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