Copying Application side of the database only

Morning everyone,

I have had a look on the wiki and here but unfortunately I cannot seem to find out how to only copy the application side of a datase, does anyone have an answer on that?

I’m wanting to move the same application to different parks but I only have a version with a lot of data in it but I would only want to move the application side of the database and start a new dataset.

I’m sure this has been done before, I just cannot seem to find the answer.

Thank you very much!

I make “save as” (different name) and than in “Reports” I make a query for all sightings and delete them. After that save again, close and “Tools → Pack database”. Sometimes the file will be smaller at the end. To share the application I recommend to use “File->Export to CTX → Export Database”. CTX is much smaller than mdb.

Good luck

By the way: why you will not use “WebUpdate”? This is the best way to share a project easily.

I would recommend File->Export to CTX and then set a date range with no data.