Converting data into csv without a PC

Good morning,

I have a team of researchers who will be working in a remote area with no access to a PC and no cellular or WiFi connection for three weeks. They will be collecting data with Cybertracker on smartphones and have additional android tablets that they will be using for spreadsheets/word documents etc.

A few of the researchers would like to be able to have access to the Cybertracker data in CSV format whilst in the field for several practical reasons. I can’t think of/find any way that this would be possible. With no internet access, I can’t set up an FTP for me to access their data and later send them the CSV via email. And they cannot convert their data into CSVs themselves without access to a PC with the desktop Cybertracker version.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how we might be able to get around this? Otherwise, I think they will end up going back to manual data collection.