connecting PC to iPhone 11

Hello, everyone!

I am new to cybertracker. We are trying to use the app for our reptile survey data collection, but I am having trouble connecting my iPhone to the desktop application. I try to “install to mobile device” but keep getting failure errors.

I know cybertracker does not support Mac computers, but I was assuming since the app is available in the apple store it would support my iphone.

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


I guess that is a misunderstanding (and I hope, I’m not wrong) → The app from appstore can be installed on iPhone (and from Google play store on Android smartphone). The installation of your own projects is possible in the following ways: a) Windows-PC + USB-cable+ Android smartphone over “install to mobile device” OR b) over Webinstall/ Webupdate (iPhone and smartphone). So please read the guideline at I hope this will be helpful.

Good luck
Holger, Germany