Choices being repeated in subsequent sightings

When I start a new entry after uploading my data CT records the first sighting correctly but subsequent sightings are listing not only the species recorded but also the previous sightings species. Then the next recorded sighting lists the two previous sightings. I’m not sure what’s going on here. It’s also not pulling the Latitude and Longitude values into the query when previously it had been doing that. The only thing I’ve changed is where the data is uploaded to. I’ve attached some screenshots demonstrating the issue. Sorry for the crude writing, it’s hard to freehand with a mouse. Screenshot (45).pngScreenshot (44).pngScreenshot (43).png

In inspector you see more than one element “Species” two or three times. The report will show only the 1st. Be aware of loops and “retain state properties”. After save a sighting the sequence must jump to the start an replace the content of element “Species” correct. If you cannot find the problem you can send me the mdb/ctx via DropBox or similar to check.

Holger, Germany

So how do I eliminate the retain state properties? This was working previous to my changing the upload type from uploading to Esri to an FTP site. I literally changed nothing else so I’m now confused as to why this is doing this. The only other things I’ve changed is I’ve updated the build. That’s it.

The most common reason for this is the incorrect use of the save target feature. As Holger says, save targets should generally point back to a previously visited screen.

If you share a CTX with us, we can probably figure it out quite quickly.