Cant record tracks and no track settings available

Have used CyberTracker for many years developing complex sequences in the old traditional form. Unfortunately, decision was made a few years ago to move away from this system due to the demand for mobile phone and instant download ability to an account or iCloud. It was exciting to see that, that ability is now available.

As a test I logged on and created a basic mobile app. I then tested it on my iPhone. The data points work but can’t see tracks or track files. I also have no track setting visible in the development process, but user guides show that they should be available.

What am i missing? Appreciate your help as super excited to support CyberTracker once again.

Hi Ellen,

Under Applications/App Settings/GPS Settings, did you select “Save timer track for session”?

Also, under View Data/Map view, did you select “Timer Track Filters”?

Thanks Louis for the reply, much appreciated. I have tried to follow your steps but can not see/find App settings, GPS Setting, Save timer track for session or Timer Track Filters at all. I have opened every tab i can find. Any other suggestions? Super keen to get it working. Thank you for your time.

Hi Ellen, under Organisation/Feature set, did you select “Intro” or “All”?

If you selected “Intro”, then you need to select “All” to see the tabs for App Settings.

THATS IT. Thank you so much and very sorry for taking up your time.

I apologize for the confusion. This feature should not be hidden away where you would not think to look for it. We are working on an improved UX design that will make it easier for new users.