Cant open my project in the mobile App - non-English character sets


I recently switched from the classic version to the online version.
I built my project and overall the online version is really good.

Now, when I scan the code into the cybertracker application it enters the project and shows a white screen and then just after a few seconds it kicks me out of the application without any entry into the project.
I tried everything possible to solve this problem in terms of my phone device in the settings without success.

Is there another solution for this? Maybe it’s related to something more internal within the online version?

Thank you for an immediate reply.

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Hi @Yulia_Mazor-Verbizki Yulia, thanks for getting in touch, and so glad you are enjoying the Online version.

Please could you send me your package file. You can find this on your Publish page, click the “Download” button, and it will download a zip file for you. Please email me that zip file to me at

Here is where to find the button (example from one of my apps):

Many thanks, Kate

PS. In case you are worried about sending your package file, from that I will be able to see the names of your screens, list items and save targets, but not any of your images, and not any collected data.

Hey Kate,

Thanks for the quick response.
Here are the Zip files of the project.


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Perfect, received your other email with the file, thank you.

I notice that your project is in Hebrew? We have tested with foreign character sets, but not with right-to-left languages, and I’m assuming for now that is causing the problem.

I have sent this to Justin (in charge of CyberTracker Mobile development), since for now it seems like a problem that he would need to advise on - he’ll get back to us soon.

Kind regards, Kate

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Hi Yulia

The problem is on the Online side, with the data we send to the Mobile.
It is related to branches when in non-English character sets.
I have made a change which should hopefully resolve the problem for your current app, please could you try to republish your app and see if it works now?

However, any future branches you add will still have a problem - we will release a fix hopefully later today that should resolve this.

Meantime, here are a couple of other comments, hope they might be helpful:

  • You have a lot of branches with only one screen in them. Perhaps these are placeholders and you are planning to add other screens later, but I’m guessing otherwise the reason might be that you wanted the screens to only show up under certain conditions (the “only visible if” conditions). Just to note that if there is only one screen involved, then you can add the “only visible if” condition on the screen itself, it doesn’t need to be in a branch to do it. It’s less work to set up (don’t need to create a whole branch), and makes your app visually easier to “read” in the screen list. There is no difference on the mobile though, and your app will work fine with many branches, or branches with only one screen.
  • You don’t yet have save buttons for all the possible endings in your app I believe. Make sure there is a save button on the last screen of every possible branch, or otherwise have a final screen at the end that is not in a branch (people would go to it no matter which branch they had come through) with a save button on that.

Finally, I believe the next problem you may face is that once you start collecting data, the Hebrew characters should show up fine in CyberTracker Online, but I believe they will not in your CSV export. We will be looking at this over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for being our first RTL language guinea pig!

Kind regards, Kate

FYI, we have released the fix for non-English character set branches, so any new branches you create from now on should work fine.
Also I tested the CSV, it is fine if you open in a text reader, or if in Excel, then with Import from text.


Hi Kate,

First of all, thank you very much for the quick response and help.
I published the application again and it really works now from my phone and it’s great.

  • Glad to hear that I helped you with problems of right-to-left languages.

many thanks,

Awesome, thanks for feedback.