Camera Onscreen Buttons

We are using the latest play store & desktop versions of CT Classic. When using the camera functions there are control buttons each side of the shutter button & users are accidentally touching these when trying to tap the shutter button.
Does anyone know a way of removing or relocating these buttons?

Cheers, Graeme

Hi Graeme,

We have something called “Simple camera” (in Application Properties->General), but its meaning has not carried over to the new version. We could make it so. How much of a problem is this for you?

There are many ways where pressing incorrect buttons can create problems, so we try to balance UI changes with that in mind. Sometimes more training ends up being the better option.


Thanks Justin. It was a quite a problem for us last year and many images had to be reprocessed and even then the image quality was poor.

Training is difficult as we have lots of volunteers, many of whom are aging & find technology challenging.

I activated kiosk mode on our application but the camera remained the same.


I am not sure the extra buttons would affect the image quality. Perhaps the default camera configuration is not correct? Are you able to reproduce this on any of your own devices?


Justin, it looks to me that you use the default camera control from device, and it means that on every device the camera look and feel is different. I do not have this buttons Greame describes. I guess if the user install another camera app on the device, this changes the camera inside CyberTracker too? … little difficult for the users I think. But may be I’m wrong!?
Cheers Holger

No the camera screen is custom so it is the same everywhere…

This is a screenshot of my camera. The same as in Graems devices? Can you please share Graeme? Thanks.

Hi Justin & Holga, Yes, our cameras have the same layout. The main issue is the white balance button highlighted with a red circle in the attached image. If the buttons could be deactivated or moved that would be good.
It the screen layout controlled by the camera app or CyberTracker?

Thanks, Graeme

This is controlled by CyberTracker. Are you seeing image quality issues associated with changing the white balance?

Yes, several people accidentally touched the white balance button whilst taking a photo and the images were a purple colour which we found difficult to fix. At the time the operators were not aware & didn’t know what they had done. Training may be a solution but it would be better to minimise the chance of this occurring.

I can attach this functionality to the “Simple camera” option in the desktop. I should be able to get to this in about a month. When do you need it?

Hi Graeme,

In build 476 (now on the Android store, nowhere else yet), we pick up the “Simple camera” setting and use it to hide the other camera buttons. Let me know if this works for you.


Thanks Justin. Am away from home until next week and will try it then.

Graeme Tonkin

National Training & Database Manager

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