Camera not working in Android app

Hi, for several months I have been using a database / project on Android version of CyberTracker app, but in the last 1-2 days the camera has stopped working, and the app freezes.

I see on Google Play that there was an update on Jan 3rd 2021, to version number 1.0.328 which ties in with the time when my project stopped working.

I am using CyberTracker desktop build v3.515.

As a further test I installed the sample database PhotoNotes, and the camera does not work on that either.

Has anyone had the same problem, and know of way of getting my project to work?

No known issue. In all of my projects, camera is working fine. It was smart to check the sample. So I guess it must be a problem of your smartphone. Which hardware you use? Can you try it on another smartphone?
Holger, Germany

My phone is Samsung Galaxy S7, Android version 8.0.0 (Oreo).

The only other phone I have access to is an iPhone so not usable for the app. I know of one other person with an Android phone having issues in the last couple of days, but I do not know if the symptoms are the same. I will ask for details.

Two others with the same issue, all have CyberTracker app version 1.0.328 and started having problems in the last few days.

Their hardware Samsung Galaxy S10e (Android 10) and Samsung J5Pro.

So the common factors are all Samsung devices (but different models and different versions of Android) and all version 1.0.328 of the app. My suspicions are it is related to the app as the issue started around the time of the new version. What version are you using?

We have the same problem, the camera (either on iPhone or Android) is not working in our projects.
Does anyone know what is happening?

Thanks in advance.

Not working here either

Hi folks,

There were a lot of changes in December, including migrating to newer build tools and this somehow slipped through.

I published the fix in build (329) and it should be ready for download within a few hours.

iOS will take longer because the App Store has a human review process, but hopefully in the next two days.




I have had exactly the same problem and this has happened in three different devices (Samsung Galaxy Phone and two tablets) which were working perfectly until 3 days ago.

is the updated update ready yet?

Yes build 329 is active. You may need to use the check for updates feature in the play store app to get it.

Brilliant Justin

All good now


Thanks Justin, I have updated from Google Play and can confirm camera is working now.