Camera function not saving images in data

Hi All, Is anyone else having issues with images taken using the camera function not being saved in the CT data?

We have had several instances of this occurring but I am not sure that it is not operator error.

Graeme Tonkin

Greame, my user had the same problem, but I was also wondering about. In my tests I was sucessfully. May be it was a users mistake?
In my smartphone I have

  1. to push the photo button (down in my photo app),
  2. I hear the click sound and see the photo in CyberTracker app.
  3. after that I must press the CyberTracker-ok-botton at the top right corner.
    After that I can leave the screen to go to the next. If one of the step is missing, the photo will not be saved.
    In my project I have a separate screen to save the complete sighting inclusive the photo. May be the behaviour ist different, if save is on the photo screeen?

Can you send me the project so I can look further?