Calculating speed from GPS points

Kia ora koutou,

I’m brand new to CyberTracker, I’m using an existing application to monitor the impact of tourist vessels on dusky dolphin behavior, replicating a study conducted by my organization a few years ago.

I have figured out how to extract pretty much all of the data I need to collect from the app to replicate the study, apart from one, which is approach speed. This calculates the speed of approach of the tourist vessels I will be on. There is a GPS track timer screen in the app that is set to 10 seconds by default (I assume the purpose of that screen is to record GPS coordinates every 10 seconds?) What I’m wanting to end up with is a spreadsheet of speed of travel for every time the application takes a GPS reading, but I can not figure out how to do this at all, or even export a list of the GPS coordinates. Any help would be much appreciated!

Do you know the manual? → Controls Reference Manual | CyberTracker Wiki Look at “GPS Timer list” and “Configure GPS” Action. I hope you will find the setting you need. A list of all coordinates of the track you can export with !Report->Map view" → Export view" (ESRI shap file (integrated tracks) … look into the *.dbf)

Good luck
Holger, Germany