Build 3.522 released

Hi folks,

Build 3.522 is now available. You will also need build mobile build 411, which is available on the Play Store. I will update the iOS one later next week.

If you are using an “Element List” control and have the “List mode” set to “Multi select”, then you can now use the “Result Element” property. This will put all the checked items together into a single semi-colon separated string. For example:

Will produce “Results” with a value of “Test1; Test3”:

By default, the text chosen for each item will be the Element’s Name, but it will use the “Json id” property if that is set.

The point of this feature is to allow re-use of lists Elements in different contexts. For example, suppose you have a list of named individuals and they might be doing one or more activity. For example, if your list was “Joe”, “Bob”, “Alice” and you wanted a table that looked like this:

Id Eating Drinking Talking

1 Joe; Bob Alice Joe; Alice

2 Alice Bob Joe; Bob

You would set the Result Elements to Eating, Drinking and Talking.



Hi Justin,
I’ve just updated to the latest release Build 3.522. When I install application into tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2) , the words in the application look all pixelated and fuzzy on the screen in comparison to previous version I was using (3.514). I have tried different screen sizes but the problem persist. Any idea what could be causing this?
Many thanks for your help.
All the best,

Nothing changed in that part since 3.514. Could you please post a screenshot?

Thanks Justin for the great idea to have result element in multi select element. It make the analysis of data more easy. But what’s about compatibility? If I update the CT-version for older projects and the multi select control has already an result element, could it be that all table views must be changed?

Hi Holger,

Yes, this could be an issue. However, “Result Element” previous did nothing for check lists (and was an invisible option), so hopefully nobody used it accidentally.