Bugs with online cyber tracker

Hi, I suppose you’re currently making some updates to the software. However, when I tried to create new branches for my project, I couldn’t determine which branch it belongs to anymore. Could you please help us? Thank you!

Hi Gwen, The new Branch feature will be released next week. It will be much simpler than the Visibility and Add Branch features. Kind regards, Louis

Hi Louis,
Thank you for your reply. I truly appreciate your hard work.
Here, I mean, I made recently some modifications to my project and realized that I am unable to specify the branch anymore to indicate when I want the new screen to appear. It seems to be automatically set in the main flow, and I couldn’t find a way to change it and have it in one of the branch I made.
Best regards, Gwen

Hi Louis,
I’m having some trouble understanding how the new branch feature works. When I add a branch, I’m not able to specify what goes in or not. I’m feeling a bit confused about it.
Thanks in advance for your help with this.
Kind regards,

hi Gwen, will release the new Branches feature this coming week. Apologies for the delay. kind regards, Louis

Hi Louis,
Ah, I see! I thought it had already been released! That makes sense now.
No worries then! :wink:

Dear Gwen,

i aplogise for delay… i have been ill.

the new Branching should be ready fuor release next week.

kind regards,