Bug with "Save Targets"

I’ve noticed a bug with the “Save Targets” function. Initially, it works when I want to return to a specific branch as a loop. However, after using it once, it stops working, and I’m forced to go back to the branch before that. I hope I’m explaining it clearly.
Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Gwen,

Is this occurring with the same app that Rohit sent a bug report for? If so, I will check it out. If not, please send a bug report.


Hi Justin,
I did not try with Rohit’s phone but with mine (which was perfectly working so far), but it is with the same project. I will send you a report based on my phone.

Hi, I conducted some additional tests with the loop created by the branch, and it appears that it is not recording all that I have encoded. As a result, I am losing a significant portion of the data I am collecting—perhaps even half of it. It may be linked to the bug when I want to go back to the branch.

The Save Target bug has been resolved. Please download CyberTracker Mobile version 1.0.483 from the Google Play Store (Android) or iOS App Store (iPhone).

Thanks Justin!

That’s awesome! Thank you for your great help and responsiveness!