Automatic switch when click

Hi there,
I was thinking, in order to save time when encoding the data, is it possible to automatically switch to the next question with a single click instead of using the right arrow? We can still keep the arrow for cases when we don’t want to answer the question, but this change could significantly speed up the encoding process!
Let me know if my request is unclear.

Oh yes, it is for CyberTracker Online. I put it in Feature Requests as I was thinking it could apply to both the classic and online versions :thinking:
Thanks for your input!

ok, I understand. I will re-label it to address it right. In classic the feature is available. The clarifying posts I have deleted to avoid more misunderstandings. :wink: )

Thanks and good luck from Germany

Ah ha thanks!

Ah you are in Germany ! I am working in Leipzig ! But I am on the field in Thailand right now :smiley: