Autocopy pictures into the smartphone gallery

Would it be possible when taking pictures within Cybertracker for the picture to be also saved in our gallery, so that it is available for use elsewhere, without having to download it from Cybertracker one by one? (iNaturalist does this).

Hi Tony,

If you use the camera app to take the photo and then when in CyberTracker you select the “Open existing” icon, you can select from the gallery. In this case, it should not remove it from the gallery.

Will that work for you?


Hi Justin, that’s great, I did not realize this function yet :wink: … works also in CT online I saw.

Yes, it will work, but it is inefficient workflow, and extra steps.
And I figured out that option, which is why I posted this request.

Far more elegant, would be a setting option to automatically save any pictures in the gallery, so that one can handle all the data collection without having to leave the app, take the pictures, then come back and upload the picture. Very clunky.

Between this extra step, and the alternative of not being able to download all the pictures from the project in one go (one needs to do this one by one), it means that if one wants to use pictures for other purposes, Cybertracker is not very friendly.

Thanks T.

Hi Tony,

I have added a setting to build 476 (Android Play store only right now) called “Copy photos to gallery”. You can enable it on the Settings page in the mobile app.

This causes pictures taken in CyberTracker to be replicated to the DCIM\CyberTracker folder. Typically, this is in internal storage, so you may need the file viewer to find it.

I have not tested it across a lot of devices and of course iOS has their own mechanism which I have not implemented yet. Let me know how it goes…


Thanks. I see the setting (and it is default selected).
But when I try it, the photos are not stored under Recents, nor is there a directory DCIM\CyberTracker.
The pictures do load to cybertracker though, so just not copying to my phone.

Thanks for this option: it will be a lifesaver. But I dont think it is working yet.

Apologies there was a half baked version that went out with build 475. Could you make sure you have 476?

Built 477 - it is working great thanks. Really useful.

I assume that this is just for Android. Any plans for the iPhones?

Yes, I am working on it.

@tony - build 478 (now on Google and Apple stores) has support for iOS for this feature. Unfortunately, iOS does not allow deleting photos from the gallery without a prompt, so you will get an extra prompt when discarding a photo, i.e. you decide to retake it.