Authentication during "webinstall" in CyberTracker mobile

Hi there
We have just created twelve new CyberTracker projects to support locally-based biodiversity monitoring programs across the Australian State of NSW. We want the local participants to be able to install the projects on their phones using the Webinstall option in CyberTracker Mobile App. We also want the data collected to be uploaded without having to connect to a PC that has CyberTracker Desktop software.
I have asked our IT department to create storage space for the MDB files and a web address. They have now created the storage in Azure but wanted more information about the settings. I was unable to provide answers and am seeking help from this group.
Here is the email I received from my IT colleague:
" I am not exactly sure how authentication will work for the file share from the CyberTracker side of things. Do you have any recommendations or guides for this type of set up, using an Azure file share? The URL for the fileshare is . I assume this CyberTracker application will need to read/write to this share, so if there are any settings you need on the Azure side of things, please advise. "
Can some one help me with advising our IT department on this?
Kind Regards
Eren Turak

Hi Eren,

Webinstall does not support authentication – it expects the DEF and ZIP file to be available via URL, i.e. as long as you have a URL that works in the browser (without authentication), it should work for WebInstall. If your users have email, you can also craft a special link which causes Android offers to open with CyberTracker (if installed).

Data transfer is done via FTP and for that you need a username + password. Azure gives you an FTP site as a way to upload and download files, so that should be straightforward.

Feel free to point your IT folks to me if they have any questions.