Assertion Failure using the version CT 3.515

I am almost new into Cybertracker.
(1) I have installed the past CT version 3.514

(2) I install the current version CT 3.515
(3) i modified a little bit some field into my project
(4) I collect information from android correctly
(5) I export information to SQL Server using external database and the Cybertracker doesn´t transfer data to SQL Server.

(6) I tried to use Export Rule File but the Cybertracker showed an error "Assertion Failure (C:\Github\CybertrackerDesktop\Main\UnxCT.pas line 1924

¿What can I do in order to solve this issue?
¿Could you help me please?

Hi Byron,

The error is caused by an unexpected database error.

Is this a new issue or has it happened before?