App not recording tracks anymore

The app on Android phone suddenly stopped recording the tracks.

Can you please tell us a little more details? Version of software, what you have explored, since which situation you have realized the problem, … Tnx

It’s the 1.0.486 version of the software. We have two identical brand new Android phones with this version, and one is working and the other isn’t. We also have Apple iPhones that are not working anymore, while another older Android phone with the same version is not having this issue. All of a sudden they stopped recording tracks and instead of saying “Tracks - 10 seconds” they started saying “Tracks - off”. None of the settings have been changed. We tried uninstalling and re-installing the app but it didn’t help.

Thanks for details. The identical devices have the same settings? Sometime the App rights must be set after installation of CyberTracker. My question is: does the phone(s) with the problem in tracks record the GPS data correct (Save sightings and record coordinates) or not?
But it sounds like a bug …

There have been some changes to the track system recently. Could you please share your application with me so I can verify it?

All the phones were working just fine initially, and then over time they stopped recording tracks. Only one of the two identical field phones, which have the same settings, is working now, along with my own personal Android phone.

I am preparing an update (hopefully available this week), which will help. Let me know if you would like to test it yourself ahead of time.