App not listed in PlayStore?

Greetings CT community. I’m in Kowanyama (Cape York Peninsula, Australia) trying to revive some disused Panasonic ToughPads running Android 4.2.2 and CyberTracker 3.443

I thought it would be possible to rock up to the PlayStore and download onto the ToughPads.

But no: CT is not shown as a download on the PlayStore when I search from the ToughPad. Curious, I searched from my laptop, and CT is shown. I chose to download, and the PlayStore happily sent the app to my personal phone (Pixel3).

So…why can’t I see CT from the ToughPads? How can I download/upgrade the installation?

Thanks heaps in advance…

not found here?

Yep, as I noted, the app is visible to my laptop and Pixel3, but the same search from the ToughPad does not return a listing.
In Chrome on the ToughPad I can go to the address you have helpfully provided…I can see the app then. When I try to download, the ToughPad requires a sign-in to Google. I provide a new (valid) account and then I get Google’s Account Sync screen…not a download or install screen. Syncing the account does nothing: sync completes and I’m back to the AppStore.
It’s looking like there must be some sort of admin lock-out or override on the ToughPad.
Might need to try to wipe and rebuild.
Thanks for your help!

Hi John,

The store version of CyberTracker does not work on 4.2.2. I believe we are up to 5.0 as the minimum version.

Have you tried using the standalone version that comes with the main app? This is our older client.

I realize it sucks to throw away perfectly good hardware, but this is how the eco-system is set up.



Justin, we need some place to note the results of some explorings. There are something important here in the threads. Do you have any idea? May be I will post a special “FAQ”-thread odr may be you can place it on wiki-page? Any idea? Cheers Holger

Thanks guys,
After a fair bit of fiddling, I managed to get the 4.2.2 ToughPads to upgrade to Android 5.1.1 At this point I could access CT from the PlayStore.

Unfortunately, our sequences are from 2017 and tethered to an older version of CT, so now I’m in the process of trying to match CT versions between desktop and handheld.

Seems like a fair bit of overhead, actually. I guess it comes with the territory, but can see why people are looking to shift onto managed or walled garden versions.

Anyway, thanks for the help. We’ll persist as well as we can.

Kind regards,