Android Version for WebUpdate/ App from GooglePlay

Is there some limit in the version of Android Basic system what is neccessary to run the app from GooglePlay Store?

By the way: I have some Tablet with Android 6 and after installation the error “Unfortunately, CyberTracker has stopped” occurs.

Cheers and thanks

I will have a new build out later today (346) which addresses this issue.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

In case of my example above ( Unfortunately, CyberTracker has stopped ) the solution was to uninstall all old CyberTracker (coming from desktop installation) and delet all CyberTracker folders … and reinstall it from Play Store … and it works fine! :wink: Thanks Justin. I’ve read it too late to verify with your improvement ;-).

Hi Justin,

Have you been able to fix it?



Yes, the fix went out a few days ago – your Android device should pick it up automatically.