After Note screen flow is not correct

May be I’ve done something wrong? If I fill out a note screen and push next, the next screen will not be shown correctly. I must push the back-button from Android (not the back from project) than the screen is shown nicely.

project: BioDiversity Nepal, CT 1.0.474

Hi @HolgerR

Are you saying it shows the wrong screen (different screen than you intended), or is it the correct screen but not displayed correctly (something funny with the styling)?

Can you send me your app link so I can take a look? You can send it to if you don’t want to post it here.

Kind regards, Kate

Hi Holger, thanks.

So I followed a particular path (can’t remember, bird monkey activity I think), and got to this screen

<img width=“386” height=“563” style=“width:4.0166in;height:5.8666in” id=“Picture_x0020_6” src=“/uploads/default/original/1X/e7e34c5114d6dac0a724d11906ec06a1f5d0e8d7.png” alt="A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated">

And afterwards this:

As you can see I’m using the desktop simulator, v471.

  • Am I seeing the same as what you are seeing? Can you maybe send a screenshot of yours?
  • Is this the correct notes screen, same as you are talking about, and same “next” screen (photo)? If not please let me know what screen/s we are looking for.
  • I assume you may be filling in the notes screen using German characters, and maybe more text than I have filled in? Can you send me the sample text that you entered?
  • Do you have the simulator installed, and if so does it behave correctly (so is it only on the Android that it is misbehaving (iPhone?)

Kind regards, Kate

My snapshot from device, not from simulation → empty screen. It is independent if the next screen after Notes will be photo or something else… always no elements on it.

Hi Holger,

From the Photo page that is not showing anything, could you please kill CyberTracker and restart it, then capture a bug report and send it to me?


Sorry Justin, because of several installed projects from classic and online, my is 381MB of size. May be I should delete all other projects before. Another idea is to use other device.

ok, 1st tests:

  1. I use other Android device and it works fine
  2. The difference between the devices is the keyboard: working Android device has “Gboard”, not working Android device has “Microsoft SwiftKey”.
  3. If I change on working device the keyboard to “SwiftKey” it has same effect, next screen is empty.
  4. If I install and activate “Gboard” on the other device too, this is also working than.

Mhmh … not nice, but I guess not a big problem.

Hi Holger,

The bug report is a ZIP file and you can open it and delete the projects that are just taking up space…


ahh good to know, Justin. Unfortunately the project have cryptic names inside the zip. But I have deleted all “Classic…”-files. I hope it works. Sent with Email. Thanks Justin

I am experiencing almost the same as Holger on my new phone, a Honor 90 Lite (Android), with MS SwiftKey as keyboard. All my projects work correct on the simulator as well as on my old Android phone. But with the new phone it happens that when I try to move to the next screen (a Note screen) from my Start screen with the forward arrow, the next page is shown as a blank page. When I push the back-arrow from Android (not the back-arrow of the project) the contents of the right screen shows. This also happens in the flow of the project when the next screen is a Number list screen.