Add screen to existing app

Hi there

Could somebody please help me to add a screen to our existing app as the person who built it is no longer available?
I can provide the CTX file and a description of what we need.


I could do this, but where in the flow? Between which screens? And which kind of number (quantity) you want to have?

And be aware. I have current version 3.530. If I save this and you have older version, it is little difficult to open.

Cheers Holger, Germany

The screen will need to be after the screen that asks “fish pass provided?” and will only appear if the answer to that is “yes”.
The new screen should be named “materials used”
The number format (qty) should be 000.0
I am not sure what to do about the version question - may Justin can help?

Sorry, there are some more problems:

  1. To edit the application I need Admin passwort (pic 1)
  2. I cannot find the text “Fish pass provided?” on any screen. On my snapshot you see a similar question. May be you talk about this screen? (pic1)
  3. Unfortunately this screen comes again later in the flow (pic2). → This or that or both?

But without login I cannot help.


password “ats”
Yes, this is the screen that the new one is to follow.
Not sure why there are two versions of the same question however one may be when the “Full Survey” is used and the other could be when the “Monitoring Survey” is used.
The app was built over a long period of time with many changes along the way and this just may be a glitch?
Maybe it can be fixed too?
The one with Yes/No/Unknown is preferred.
Do they both report to the same column in the csv?

I will try my best to solve this.

What I see is that both of the screens use the result element “Fish_Pass_Fitted”. The flow I will check too. I see that on “Full Survey” in “Survey Type” the 1st screen (pic1) is used, but second (pic2) is used if you choose “Monitoring Survey”. If you choose “Quick” than non of this screens is reached.

So what should I do? New screen on two places?

Yes please - new screen in both places

I think I got it, but some more questions:


a) 000.0 format means the maximum value is 999.9?
b) in Report → Query Table I see “Device_ID” and “DeviceId”. I guess the “Device_ID” is not used. but “DeviceId” is filled out automatically from device. Should I delete “Device_ID”?. But you can also do if necessary.

The current state of change you can find here:

Please check it and reply.

That looks great!
Yes max value 999.9
Need to check with our data guy about the ID columns and get him to open it up - he is away for a few days.
Also please confirm that it is possible to complete more than one option?

Yes you can fill quantities in all rows in the same time.
The ID is not a big problem, only an empty column in reports.
Please open with CT 3.530 and install in Device. After check please reply and I can put it in my archive.
Good luck

I will get Ross out IT guy to run the test on his devices.

Looks good. I did make one change which is to move the new view “Structures In Waterways V6.1” to the first tab position. This is because I use a script to open the app and export the data, and the script uses the first / default view.

Great. Good luck, if you need more help, than let me know.

Hi Holger.

FYI the addition to the app is working well.

Many thanks.

Thanks for this info. Good luck. Cheers, Holger