Add an offline layer to the mobile app


My name is Morena Rodriguez and I’m working for a research and conservation center in South Africa. I started to use cyber tracker recently to do surveys on the field where we don’t have service and to geolocate this data. I’ve seen there’s an option to add an offline layer to the mobile app map, and I’ve read which formats it accepts, but I can’t successfully add the layer in any format. The app says that it is not a valid map.

I wanted to know if you could help me to do it or if you have a tutorial to do it, because it would be really useful to have an offline map with the roads, transects, and useful information to use in the field.

Thank you very much.

All the best,

Morena Rodriguez

Hi Morena,

Here is the section in the user manual:
Offline maps | CyberTracker Wiki