Ability to upload Classic projects/applications to Online

Good morning

I have looked and cant seem to find a function which would allow me to import my projects/applications from Cybertracker Classic on my PC to Cybertracker Online, is this functionality available?

I have a fair amount of projects and it would take some time to rebuild each application on the online portal.


Hi Ruan

No, there is no way currently to import Classic projects into Online.

The structure of Classic and Online projects is quite different.

I would like to wait and see what the demand is for this functionality, and then take a look with Justin at how/if we can achieve this. (So other users, if you would want to do the same thing, please do make your voices heard here).

Also just to make it clear that Classic is not going anywhere, and you are able to continue using it (and also to use some Online and some Classic apps on the same mobile device).

Ruan, if we were to add this functionality, would it work for you just to import the project structure (screens, list items etc), or would you also want to import any data collected so far, how important would that be?

Kind regards, Kate

I’m also interested!
This must be planned carefully and an effort versus benefit must be calculated. The structures are very different. And it wouldn’t make much sense if certain Classic features didn’t work then. Ultimately, Justin has to answer that. (PS: I’m happy to help ;-))

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Hi Kate

Thanks for the response.

I am keen to try Cybertracker Online as there are a few of us making use of Cybertracker for data collection and find it difficult to keep data up to date and applications up to date when there are several handheld devices and several computers with Cybertracker Classic installed. I am aware that there are ways around some of my issues, but setting FTP Servers on our network is a bit difficult.

I was curious about uploading projects as some of the projects are relatively large with lots of detail. But to redo them in Cybertracker Online is not an issue as I already have the template from Cybertracker Classic. I think the main issue would be if you have a long species lists for example plants and you have 200 different plant species that you want to add into your project that might be a tedious activity if you have to add them individually onto your application on Cybertracker Online (More so if you have to do that for several projects). So perhaps adding a feature that would enable you to import lists from an excel file in the same way you can do in Cybertracker Classic? Then you don’t have the structure collision between Classic and Online.

Have not thought about importing data. Think it will be a great feature and some might be interested. I usually export and store all Cybertracker data in a separate database on our network for everyone to be able to access wherever they are.


Thanks Ruan.
Yes, I agree with you, import from CSV/Excel for list items (and maybe even screens) is a great feature, that as you say will be useful for people who are setting up a new app from scratch, as well as trying to recreate a CT Classic app.
Much less work as well than full import Classic project…
Kind regards, Kate

Hi @Jozuah just tagging you in this topic because I know you have the same question.
There is unfortunately no way to get CyberTracker Classic apps or data into Online, it’s a case of starting again if you move to Online.
Kind regards, Kate

Update: Import list items from CSV is now available in Online.

Over the last five years I have developed many complex CyberTracker desktop projects and am now facing the daunting task of switching to online. I realise that I have to start from scratch and rebuild these applications. I would like to get advice from someone who has actually done this for complex applications. Is there a particular strategy I can employ to make this process more efficient and less frustrating?
Eren Turak
Sydney, Australia

Hi Eren
I myself have only converted one complex app from Classic to Online, but obviously I know the Online system very well, so I could share what I did and maybe discuss some other options based on your particular requirements.
Would you like to have a call where we can screenshare and talk through it? You can contact me on kate@alchemysoftware.co.za to set something up.
Kind regards, Kate

Thank you Kate, that would be fantastic. Do you have time now to chat? I can send you a Teams invite. The only thing is that in Teams I don’t seem to be able to share CyberTracker screens.
If you like you can dowload tone of my CyberTracker projects on your phone so you can see what is there while we talk.
Here is the link

Let me know what works for you

Hi Eren, I can do it in about an hour from now (around 08:00 GMT), if that suits you then yes please send Teams link to kate@alchemysoftware.co.za . Kind regards, Kate

I have just sent you an invite
Let me know if it did not get reach you for some reason

Got it thanks, chat just now. Kind regards, Kate

I’m facing the same problem mentioned above. I have several complex apps I designed with Cybertracker Classic and I would like to move to Online, migrating the collected data as well. Any late update of possible developments on the subject.
Thank you very much