Ability to copy/duplicate Online app

First of all, thank you very much for the quick response to my previous problem.

Now I have two questions that I would be happy to find out if it is possible to do -

  1. Is it possible to delete rows in the online table that were a mistake or a test attempt?
    Because I didn’t find the way to delete them.
  2. If I would like to duplicate the existing application that I built instead of building a new one, is there a possibility?

Thank you,

Hi Yulia, pleasure :-).

No, I’m afraid neither of the two features you mention are available yet.

Delete observations has already been requested as a new feature, see here:

Duplicate/copy app has not yet been mentioned, would you like to add it as a new feature request? And maybe you could mention under what circumstances/why you might use or need such a function, and what exactly about the app it would copy, for example all screens, list items, icons/images, settings, save targets etc, or just some of the things? (Assume not any collected data).

Kind regards, Kate

Ok, I hope this is an update coming soon, thanks a lot!

About the duplication of the app:

  • I would be happy if it would be possible, for example, to take a ready-made application in a certain language (e.g. Hebrew) and convert it into other languages, just change the name in the screens, list items and icons, symbols, etc.

Thank you,

Ah, got it, thanks so much. Kate