Lat Long Coordinates

When I look at the Lat Long coordinates in view mode in Cybertracker Online, they are at 5 decimal places. When I export the data the decimal places varies from 2 to 4. Can this be fixed so that we have at least 5 decimal places for Lat Long on export to the CSV file.



Hi Peter, do you have the same issue as described here? → GPS accuracy not good enough - #6 by katetindall

Mobile now sends many decimals, so I think this is probably just on the web site export side. Holger, can you confirm?

Justin, in my test in October 23, CT Online App sends only 4 decimals, website rounds to 5. (See here GPS accuracy not good enough - #6 by katetindall) Do you have implemented any changes yet?

Yes, more recent builds have removed this restriction.

I entered some data last night. I will check shortly to see what the excel export looks like in terms of Lat Long decimal places.

Peter M

These are my Lat Long Positions from last night in the excel export file:

Latitude Longitude
-37.66460501 144.7474627
-37.7809443 145.0754478
-37.78024088 145.0767797
-37.78423298 145.0645081

Looks good to me. This is what I wanted.


Peter M