Export data to CSV problem - Arabic

Hello everyone
I have just developed an application in Arabic. I encountered a problem when I export the data to Excel!
please help me find a solution.

Hi @Abelmouadene

I think you are experiencing two different problems:

  1. It looks to me as though all your data is being placed in the first column only, instead of each type of data (screen) being placed in a separate column.

Please see this post for solutions to that problem.

  1. Character support for Arabic

We have not tested with Arabic, so I’m unsure if we will solve this, but let’s try a few things.
First, does your computer have language and character support for Arabic?
Can you open other Excel or CSV files with Arabic in them and it works?
Your Excel interface looks as though it is French? So I am wondering with the current setup if Excel can recognise and handle Arabic?

If you have never opened an Excel or CSV file in Arabic or don’t think you have the language support installed, are you able to try to set this up and try again, or try on another computer that is perhaps already set up in this way?

Kind regards, Kate

Thanks for the explaining.
It’s resolved.

Fantastic :slight_smile: Thanks very much for letting me know. Kind regards, Kate