CyberTracker Online How To Video Channel launched

We’re excited to announce the launch of the CyberTracker Online How To Video series.

You can find the Youtube channel here: CyberTracker Online - YouTube

The videos are arranged into these series:

  • Getting started - basics and overviews
  • Applications - all about building and publishing apps
  • View data - viewing data in map or table view, exports, and other data-related topics
  • General - supporting functionality or tools, such as user management

There is also a list of available videos and descriptions of the contents of each in the User Guide here: How To Videos — CyberTracker Online User Guide documentation

We hope they’ll assist you to understand various CyberTracker Online topics and functionality, and assist you with getting the most out of the application.

We still have a few videos to make to cover the existing CyberTracker Online functionality, which will be added in the next weeks, and after that new videos will be added if new functionality warrants them.

If you subscribe to the channel you should get notifications of updates.